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Stanford University students caught out and about without an essential such as Kleenex, an antihistamine or a hangover cure can now summon delivery via Jetpack.

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For a price of between USD 1 and 5, students on Stanford University’s campus can now order emergency delivery of essentials they only need a small amount of at that moment. Based on the idea that many of the items that people need while out and about are already at home, Jetpack provides sample sizes of 15 different products. Delivery is by fellow students, known as Jetpackers, who receive a weekly fee for their sales and deliveries.

Rather than having to make an extra trip to the store, students download the app, select the products that are needed and within minutes, receive their delivery. From deodorant and energy drinks to painkillers and Kleenex, Jetpack covers most daily remedy needs. The founder of the company is planning to expand soon onto the Cornell and Harvard campuses, and the idea of selling themed kits, such as hangover cures or cold remedies, is also being developed, at a likely cost of USD 5 to 10 per kit.

Other interesting delivery services include an organic tampon subscription and a platform that links up travelers willing to take a bit of extra baggage as a delivery for someone at their destination location. What products have yet to be offered as a subscription or on-demand delivery?



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