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In San Francisco, safe wifi-sharing via new router


Tsunami Blu lets wifi owners share their internet connection securely, and get paid by doing so.

Wifi sharing still has some risks of privacy for both users and wifi providers. But now a new service is helping wifi-sharers monetize their router securely. Tsunami Blu lets people share wifi with their community and get paid for doing so.

Once users sign up as a host, Tsunami Blu sends them a pre-configured router for free, which they can set up as usual. It will have two different connections, one for the host’s private use, and one for sharing. Neighbors and friends can then sign up to Tsunami Blue, and share this wifi box — as well as others in their area — by paying the company through a monthly subscription model. Rates are priced according to internet speed, so if the sharer chooses 20 Mbps, their internet will cost USD 20 per month.

Tsunami Blu’s wifi routers are created with unique names and completely isolated from each other, ensuring better privacy and security. The router owner will be paid according to the amount of internet shared from their account, and can also choose how much of their wireless bandwidth they want to share, keeping them in control of the process.


This wifi sharing process enables internet users to easily split their bill with neighbors. How else can wifi systems be updated for more seamless sharing?



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