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In Paris, recycled Christmas trees help neighbourhood parks

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It’s no longer uncommon to see cities and towns with Christmas tree recycling programs. What is unusual is to see a locally focused one such as what Parisians will be enjoying this year, whereby recycled Christmas trees go toward fertilizing the city’s own green spaces. Between 27 December and 23 January, collection points will be open for old Christmas trees in 95 parks and gardens throughout Paris. Consumers need only bring their trees to the collection spot nearest them. From there, the tree will be crushed and used to enrich the soil in local parks, serving to restrict weeds and reduce evaporation. This is Paris’s fourth year of recycling Christmas trees in this way, and the program is growing rapidly. From 15,000 trees recycled in 2007-2008, the number grew to 27,150 in 2009-2010, the city says. A video on Daily Motion explains the program in further detail. In all too many recycling programs, the beneficiaries are not always clear, so it’s nice to see one that keeps the benefits in the local community. Next, a similar local focus needs to be incorporated into other types of recycling as well… who will help make that happen? (Related: Rental & adoption Christmas trees: delivered, picked up & replantedUsed cooking oil for ultra-local candlemaking in Tokyo.) Spotted by: Irene Festa



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