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Scented cup gives the illusion of flavored water

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Right Cup is a fruit-scented vessel that uses the sense of smell to trick the drinker into thinking their plain water is flavored.


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Health authorities recommend drinking two liters of water everyday, but this can be a big challenge for those more accustomed to consuming sweet and fruity beverages. Now, the Right Cup is a fruit-scented vessel, which uses the sense of smell to trick the drinker into thinking their plain water is flavored.

The Right Cup is lined with a unique encapsulated aroma release technology. When the cup is filled with regular water and lifted to the mouth, one of the selection of fruit scents is released, giving drinkers the impression that they are consuming flavored water. This enables people to enjoy variety, without the added sugars or preservatives found in most flavored drinks. Right Cups are available for pre-order at a reduced price of USD 25. Flavors on offer initially include lemon, lime, orange, mixed berry and apple, with more to follow.


We have already seen smell used to encourage healthy eating in dementia sufferers via a fragrance alarm clock. The Right Cup could be an excellent tool for parents, to convince their kids to drink more water. Could the technology also be used to encourage people to consume bland but nutritious foodstuffs?

Update: The Right Cup is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo.



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