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Science experiments for curious kids by subscription

Work & Lifestyle hopes to get children completing projects related to STEM subjects through regular delivered packages.

We’ve already seen Amabam use the subscription model to help adults pursue a new hobby with monthly learning boxes, so surely the same could be done for kids? has answered that question, with the aim to get children completing projects related to STEM subjects on a regular basis. Aimed at children aged eight to 12, the boxes will be themed by each of the four STEM areas – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. According to reports, the startup has already demonstrated two of the boxes, featuring a ‘kitchen chemistry’ set that gets kids growing crystals and an electronics kit that teaches them how to build an electromagnet to power an LED. The concept has already won second place at the Husky Startup Challenge and once launched, the monthly boxes are set to be sold at around USD 20 each. hopes to use regular deliveries to keep kids engaged with subjects that are currently experiencing a lack of students wanting to pursue a career in those industries. Is there an end to the possible applications of the subscription model? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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