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The artist Pachenco and his design | Photo source PYRATEX® smart fabrics

Art, science and sustainability align in Madrid exhibition

Architecture & Design

The “Rethinking PYRATEX®” exhibition involves seven different artists who use the smart fabrics as a canvas for their own ideas

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Spotted: R&D company and textile supplier PYRATES® smart fabrics and the White Lab exhibition space have collaborated in a Madrid exhibition, showcasing seven works by seven artists. The exhibition, named “Rethinking PYRATEX®”, is an example of the science and art worlds working together, in order to promote the wellbeing of the planet by “breaking down the barriers of traditional textiles”. 

The exhibition, which will take place in December and January, aims to represent the way in which the fabrics inspired the seven artists differently. With PYRATEX® material as their canvas, one of the designs included a chaotic interpretation of 2020. The greater aim of the artworks, from the perspective of PYRATEX®, is to explore the natural functionality of the fabric, disassociating it with it being a daily object or a mere function in the fashion industry. 

White Lab itself is a space for bringing together art, architecture, music and friends — the perfect location for an exhibition in which the individual artists seek to find their own narrative in PYRATEX® as a canvas.

The artists involved include Ignacio Acebes, Teresa Matas, Julian Cruz, Alberto Gil, Solange Salvá and John McCam, Taller Silvestre and Tamara Jacquin with Daniel Domingo Schweitzer. The exhibition will be viewable both digitally and physically, in compliance with COVID regulations. Every week, one of the seven works will be revealed on the PYRATES® instagram, and will also be available to visit at White Lab with an appointment. 

Written By: Holly Hamilton

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