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Instead of making computer users repeatedly search multiple sites to find what they want, Resultly monitors changes in results and combines them into one stream of information.

We recently covered the Hero Button, an app that allows smartphone users to create alerts when specific actions are carried out on the web. Now, Resultly aims to do the same for searches – monitoring changes in results and combining them into one stream of information. When searching for facts about new products, celebrity gossip or rolling news stories, it can often be the case that web users end up repeatedly searching multiple sites over time to find what they need or keep track of a story. Resultly enables mobile users to select their area of interest, using filters to make their search as specific as they want. The app then sends push notifications whenever it finds a new piece of information – say, a news article – about that subject, or if existing information changes – such as the price of an item. Some initial work is required to ensure the search provides accurate results, but once it is set up the app does the leg work from then on. The following video explains more about how Resultly works: The app has the potential to cut the time people spend using web search engines to find information, increasing their productivity. How else can the internet be made more streamlined? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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