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Seasonal soup cans with personalized “Get Well Soon” messages

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Heinz used Facebook to enable fans to send a personalized tin of soup to friends suffering with a cold.

Personalized foodstuffs may be nothing new, and we recently saw Maynards in Canada engaging fans via Facebook with the chance to win candy shaped in their own image. A different take on the idea recently saw Heinz in the UK using Facebook as a platform for fans to send personalized tins of soup to friends suffering with a cold. Heinz partnered with We Are Social in order to increase social media presence and sales, which resulted in a timely and relevant seasonal campaign acting as an alternative to a “Get Well Soon” card. Throughout October, after becoming a fan of the Heinz UK Facebook page, users could customize a can of Cream of Tomato or Chicken soup with the name of a sick friend or loved one, to be be delivered within three to four days. The service was only available in the UK, and cost GBP 1.99 per personalized can. The campaign reportedly created a considerably amount activity on Twitter, further proof that consumers engage in ideas that allow them to personalize and share. Plenty for inspiration here! Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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