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Seasons 52: Peace of mind menus

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A sophisticated grill and wine bar that only serves dishes under 475 calories: it's exactly what choice-fatigued and health-concerned consumers are looking for.

Making things easier for time-challenged and choice-fatigued consumers has been one of the holy grails of marketing for years. Combine that with the never ending quest for beauty, desirability and health (really, consumers can be so predictable!), and you could come up with a business idea like Florida’s Seasons 52: a sophisticated grill and wine bar that only serves dishes under 475 calories. As the name suggests, the menu is seasonal, shaken up slightly every week to make the best of available market produce. Aside from their fresh list of ingredients, Seasons 52 abides strictly by healthy cooking techniques like grilling and roasting over open-fire oak burning grills. The chain is part of Darden Restaurants, the world’s largest casual dining restaurant company. They are definitely onto something: two years after debuting in Orlando, Seasons 52 opened four more locations in South Florida this year.


Forget low calorie labels or approximate calorie intake; Seasons 52 removes guesswork – and guilt – from the dining experience. If you’re in catering or the restaurant business, you will no doubt do well copying this concept in your own country or city. However, the business opportunity here is much bigger: we’re talking the kind of focus, story telling and reduction of choice-anxiety that is applicable to virtually every B2C segment. What’s YOUR industry’s 475 calorie restaurant?


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