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VR seat combats motion sickness

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VRGO seat connects with virtual reality games to provide immersive hands-free experiences.

The era of virtual reality is well and truly upon us — we most recently saw hotel users order VR experiences via room service. But as the industry grows, businesses like VRGO are looking to generate evermore immersive physical play, as well as combat the motion sickness often experienced in-game (which we have already seen a pill try to do).

VRGO is a seat that connects to available VR devices and games via Bluetooth. The seat uses motion sensing technology to allow users to control their virtual character by leaning and swivelling to direct movement and follow the action. The motion technology is based on the natural human inclination to lean towards the desired travel direction, and it is this physical movement, which coincides with what the user sees on the VR headset, that will help reduce motion sickness and create a truer immersive experience. VRGO are currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where pledgers can preorder a chair for GBP 150 (USD 228).

Being compact for home use and robust for hours of gaming, VRGO could provide a crucial missing link in the developing VR market. What else can businesses add to the VR industry?



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