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Secure data platform replaces passwords with smartphones


MobileIron's zero-trust platform removes passwords and turns employees' mobile devices into their ID and secure access to data

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Spotted: US-based MobileIron is eliminating passwords to access secure data at work. The zero-trust security platform turns employees’ mobile phones into their key to access servers and cloud data.

Zero-trust is basically what it sounds like: nothing and no one is trusted to access data without verification. MobileIron uses a variety of attributes before granting access to any user or secure device. For instance, it validates the device, app authorisation and the network being used to log on. It also detects and remediates threats before granting secure access to a device or user. That makes it safer than passwords, according to MobileIron.

“Zero trust security significantly reduces risk by giving you complete control over your business data as it flows across devices, apps, networks, and cloud services,” the company said.

The service will be available on iOS devices in June 2019, with a rollout later in 2019 for Android.




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