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Nano cure tent

Self-healing tent can repair itself with friction

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A tent made of a nano rip-stop nylon is capable of repairing itself by using friction to seal holes and punctures.

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In a world of fast consumerism, self-healing products might seem like a fantasy. However, at Springwise we have recently seen several products using a self-healing material. There’s an example of self-healing fluid that prevents leaks from power cables. Similarly, another company has developed a self-healing glass which can be useful for smartphone screens. Now, a new self-healing tent from Imperial Motion could mean the end of rainy leaks spoiling a camping trip.

The tent is made of a fibre called Nano Cure Technology (NCT). This nylon rip-stop material doesn’t tear when punctured. Instead, the NCT layers simply move apart when pierced with a small object. After puncture, these layers form a strong support around the wound, preventing further damage. Holes in the fabric can then be repaired without the need of tools or kits. Users simply rub the damaged area between their fingers. The motion plus the heat generated by friction causes the separated layers to rejoin, resealing the hole. Imperial Motion stresses that the NCT Tent currently only self-heals small holes, with the technology not yet able to overcome major damage. In addition, The NCT tent features a waterproof silicon layer, meshes for air ventilation during hot summer days, and a simple rapid setup system.

The NCT Tent is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and is available in a range of colors. Earlybird supporters can pledge USD 200 for an NCT Tent. Imperial Motion hope to ship the tents to a larger consumer market by late 2018.

Technology continues to help those seeking adventure in the great outdoors to stay safe and comfortable. However, what other technologies could provide safer and more comfortable outdoor experiences?



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