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Self-serve frozen yoghurt


Korean-style frozen yoghurt stores like Pinkberry and Red Mango, which we featured in 2006, are popping up across the US, hooking consumers on a dessert that’s tangier and less sweet than fro-yo of yore. Entering a crowded market, a small Californian chain has come up with a simple sales model that sets it apart from the competition. Customers serve themselves at Yogurtland—choosing from 16 frozen yoghurt flavours and 33 varieties of fruit and other toppings—and pay USD 0.30 an ounce, no matter which toppings they’ve picked. To stress the simple pricing, it’s printed on staff members’ shirts. Besides offering customers the opportunity to create exactly the dessert they want, it wouldn’t surprise us if the portions they serve themselves are larger than they would buy if faced with the choice between small, medium and large. One to look into if you’re thinking of bringing new style frozen yoghurt to other parts of the world. Spotted by: Amy Leung



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