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Sensory booths relax users and help them to de-stress

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Sensory reality pod immerses users in a relaxing experience to lower their stress levels

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Stressful lives are becoming the norm for an ever-increasing number of people. Innovations are increasingly stepping in to help stressed-out workers cope with their numerous tasks and deadlines. The inflight yoga and meditation videos offered by Cathay Pacific airlines aims to improve the wellbeing of their passengers. Meanwhile, in New York,  mobile meditation studios inside a converted bus help the city’s many busy workers to detach from everyday life and relax.

Sensiks is a Dutch startup, which, in late 2016 succeeded in creating the first fully operational Sensory Reality Pod. This innovative sensory reality pod provides users with experiences designed to lower stress levels and potentially prevent a burn-out. The pod uses advanced technology to create an immersive experience for the user. It combines audio-visual stimuli with scent, temperature, air flow, tremble, taste and light frequencies. By affecting all the senses, the pod can activate the brain in several points. Therefore, the experience becomes all the more realistic for the user.

Sensiks uses biometric sensors to measure the Heart Rate Variability, skin conduction and respiration of the user. This allows the technology to learn and improve thanks to the feedback and data these sensors provide. In addition, the pod is adaptable to an individual’s preferences regarding the specific experience created. The pod consists of sustainable materials such as Eco boards and bamboo. Currently, the multi-sensory experience cabin is in use predominantly in wellness hotels, airports, and offices, with an aim to reduce stress and relax the user.

With sensory reality added into the mix of virtual and artificial reality, how much further could technology push the boundaries of reality? However, is it the role of technology to help individuals to destress and reach inner peace, or should this be done in a more natural way?




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