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Methanescraper | Photo source eVolo

Serbian skyscraper designed to recycle, generate energy

Architecture & Design

The design aims to tackle urban waste by streamlining recycling facilities and collecting methane gas to generate electricity

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Spotted: A Serbian architect has designed a tower block that would collect the city’s waste and turn it into electricity. Called the Methanescraper, the building would include recycling facilities and the capability to collect methane from decomposing waste.

Marko Dragicevic designed the building as a “vertical landfill system“. The project notes Methanescraper would help tackle the “ever-growing amounts of disposable waste, shortage of natural resources and usable space”. Dragicevic’s design won first place in eVolo Magazine’s 2019 Skyscraper Competition. The contest looks for visionary designs that use technology creatively. Second place was an 800m tall skyscraper that would gather solar energy and suck in polluted air.




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