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Service assists parents of autistic children in finding the best care

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Love My Provider is positioning itself as the go-to resource for parents of autistic children looking to find recommended and reviewed services.

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While services such as Yelp provide a great resource for those researching a range of services, there’s still plenty of scope for platforms offering a more specialized and focused approach. Behavioral psychologist Sara Gershfeld realized that although families dealing with autism are provided with a list of behavior analysis (ABA) therapists, there is no way to find reviews or recommendations on the therapists suggested. It’s this problem which Love My Provider seeks to solve.

Love My Provider is actually much more than a directory and review site of therapists who work with autistic children; the site also includes reviews for services as diverse as hairdressers or dentists, who are capable and professional in their treatment of autistic children. Noting that parents are often hesitant to leave reviews on services such as Yelp for fear that they could be traced back to their children, Gershfeld has ensured that Love My Provider can accommodate anonymous reviews. In order to clamp down on fraudulent comments however, the service will track IP addresses, and users must create an account in order to browse what other members have said.

Any service can sign up to be included on the database, which is currently made up primarily of providers endorsed by advocacy organization Autism Speaks. Services that receive more than three five-star reviews will be awarded a badge to help them stand out. The plan at the moment is to keep Love My Provider free for members, with the possible addition of advertising, lead generation, or promoted reviews in the future in order to create a sustainable revenue stream. Alternatively, the service could charge care providers a fee for clients referred through the site.

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