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Service cancels unwanted subscriptions

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Truebill scans the user’s online bank accounts, identifies subscriptions and enables the customer to cancel them with one click.

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Most people have at least one outstanding direct debit that they pay month on month without actually using the service. Whether it’s a gym membership, a free trial they forgot to cancel or a neglected Audible account, consumers spend hundreds of dollars each year on subscriptions they no longer want. Now, Truebill is a financial service that scans the user’s online bank accounts, identifies subscriptions, and enables the customer to cancel them with one click.


To begin, customers create an account and link it to their credit card, bank account or PayPal. Next, Truebill scans their online transactions and identifies all regular outgoings, including bills, standing order and direct debits. The user can then easily view their subscriptions individually and see their total outgoings per month. If they spot any services that they no longer need, they can use Truebill’s one-click unsubscribe service. Truebill’s service is an answer to businesses that often make customers have to jump through hoops to opt out of subscriptions. Users can also receive monthly email digests and keep an eye out for price hikes and extra fees.

Truebill is currently compatible with over 15,000 banks. Is this a service major banks should be introducing themselves?



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