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Service duplicates keys from photos

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Keys Duplicated enables customers to get a new copy made simply by taking and uploading a photo of their original key.

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Hot on the heels of our recent coverage of KeyMe, the all-hours kiosk that automatically cuts users’ lost keys, we’ve discovered another innovative solution for key cutting. Keys Duplicated enables customers to get a new copy made simply by taking and emailing a photo of their original key.

Users need to hold their key in front of a white background before taking a snap of the item. After sending the image, Keys Duplicated uses technology that analyses the shape of the key to render a 3D digital file, which is then used to cut a copy. The duplicate is then sent back through the post. Each key costs USD 5 and shipping is free. The idea offers a more convenient alternative to a trip to the hardware store, and users can even order a new key on the go. The company only accepts credit cards – making it easier to track fraudulent duplication of stolen keys – and also secures every image it receives using bank-grade cryptography, deleting it as soon as the copy is made. However, consumers may be concerned about the safety of having a house key travel through the postal system in an envelope labeled with the address it’s meant for.

Keys Duplicated will need to convince customers that their idea is a secure option before it takes off as a serious alternative to traditional services. Could this concept be developed for other household items?

Spotted by: Florent Lesauvage



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