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Service encourages spouse collaboration to make divorce pain-free

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Wevorce replaces the traditional two-attorney system with a single lawyer acting on behalf of both parties to help foster an atmosphere of co-operation.

Mexico’s Libera Pass has provided one option for couples wanting to make divorce as painless as possible with its four-step process. Now Wevorce is a service that aims to make separation a more collaborative process, replacing the traditional two-attorney system with a single lawyer acting on behalf of both parties. Wevorce uses a single ‘Legal Architect’ in place of separate attorneys to turn what can be a battle into a partnership. The lawyer mediates between the two spouses at every step in the process, working with finance and co-parenting experts to help couples reach an agreement for all aspects of divorce. Professionals hired by Wevorce are kept in contact with their clients through mobile technology, enabling divorcees to easily see and approve visitation schedules, shared assets and child support plans. At the end, they are provided with a copy of all the legal documents they need as well as the tools to help them stay on track with their responsibilities once the separation is confirmed. By making the whole process less painful and encouraging couples to work together, Wevorce hopes to reduce the negative impact on the emotions of those involved, particularly the damage that can be done to young children when a divorce gets messy. The video below provides a greater explanation of the ideals behind the company: Wevorce has an array of packages available, ranging from USD 3,500 to USD 15,000 depending on each couple’s needs. The prices agreed are flat fees, meaning there are no unexpected additional costs that can make divorce a more stressful process. Could this system be replicated to help settle other legal matters? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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