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Service makes it easy to use Uber without a smartphone

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Smart Ride connects customers without a smartphone to Uber, allowing users to book rides from one of their saved locations via phone call at any time.

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Created specifically for seniors without smartphones, Smart Ride makes the convenience of the Uber service available to anyone, regardless of the type of phone they use. Users of the service must set up an Uber account, which is then linked to a Smart Ride account. The Smart Ride team emphasizes that customer payment details are not stored by the company, and a user’s Uber account cannot be accessed by anyone other than the individual.

To use Smart Ride, a user calls their personal phone number and chooses from any of their saved locations. The service is available at all times and costs USD 5 per month after an initial trial month that is available for free. Riders pay the regular Uber fares via their Uber account.

The world’s ageing population is an important demographic and companies and projects are increasingly recognizing the distinct needs of people within the group. Another startup that helps people without smartphones is expanding to include additional on-demand services including grocery delivery and home health visits. This credit card alerts relatives or carers to potentially suspicious transactions to help protect users from fraud. What other app-based conveniences could be adapted for use by non-smartphone using audiences?




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