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Encore is providing an alternative to traditional newsletters that aims to engage donors through stories.

One of the problems with newsletters is that open rates can be low and the number of actual clicks even lower. We’ve already seen Médecins Sans Frontières try out MSF.TV, its own continuous online broadcast of current conflicts, and now Encore is providing another alternative for non-profits that aims to engage donors through stories. One problem for small charities is having enough content to fill a newsletter on a regular basis. Encore is a web solution that enables donors or anyone working for the organization to upload images and information about relevant experiences they’ve had. These can then be edited and published to the Story Library. Any story can be integrated easily into an easy-on-the-eye newsletter campaign that is automatically generated with social media interactivity and donation information. The idea is that – by getting others to send in their stories and easily creating newsletters – charities can spend less time trying to create engaging content and more time focusing on their daily duties. How else can smaller charities increase donations? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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