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Service sends dead pets into outer space

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Celestis Pets enables pet owners to memorialize their deceased dogs and cats by sending their remains on a space flight.

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Pet lovers are often caricatured as being so dedicated to their animals that they're a bit, well, crazy. While we've already seen unusual funeral services for humans — Alabama's Holy Smoke lets mourners place loved ones into live bullets, for example — Celestis Pets has created another out-there service which enables pet owners to memorialize their deceased dogs and cats by sending their remains on a space flight.

Developed by Celestis, which has already delivered memorial space flights for humans, the initiative aims to let pet owners give their furry friends a truly unique sending off. Customers send around 1g of cremated remains or a lock of the pet's hair to Celestis Pets, who will seal it in a durable, engraved capsule.

The service offers 4 different packages. Earth Rise sends the capsule far enough to experience zero gravity, before delivering it safely back to the owner as a keepsake. Earth Orbit sends the capsule into space before releasing it back to Earth, enabling loved ones to see a bright light as it re-enters the atmosphere and disintegrates. Luna sends the remains on a mission to the moon, where the capsule is left to rest. Finally, Voyager places the capsule on a scientific deep space mission where it will float through space indefinitely.

Packages start from USD 995 and go up to USD 12,500. As the Celestis Pets website says, the service "provides your beloved pet with an incredible journey through the stars, allowing them to explore places they could have only dreamed of in life."

For those with the cash to spend on their deceased dog, cat, or any other animal, Celestis Pets offers a unique service. Are there other ways to memorialize passed loved ones in a way that better reflects their life?



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