1. Innovation Reports

Need to know the most cutting-edge innovations in a particular sector?

After discussing your objectives and sectors of interest, we’ll create a personalised co-branded innovation report for your business, selecting the most relevant ideas spotted by our network of over 19,000 global spotters. It’ll be packed with no-nonsense information on the innovations disrupting the sector, with an overview from our Editor-in-Chief. And to ensure you’re always on your innovation A-game we’ll also include our Innovation Culture Bulletin, to help you foster a culture of innovation 24/7.

2. Weekly Innovation Feed

Need a regular personalised feed of innovation ideas to stay ahead of the curve?

Tell us what industries, technologies and sectors you’re interested in and we’ll curate a bespoke Springwise weekly innovation feed for your business, sharing the top ideas that need to be on your radar. Perfect for when you’re short on time, but need to stay ahead.

3. Springwise Live

Actionable and inspiring sessions that bring the latest global innovations to life

Innovation Workshops

Our Springwise innovation workshops include both bespoke presentations and structured group ideation sessions, where participants use ideas discovered by our global Springspotter network to turn insights into strategic assets: giving participants the skills and confidence to drive innovative new products, services, experiences and campaigns.

Keynote Presentations

Perfect for conference keynotes, executive corporate briefings or internal sessions, our in-depth presentations bring you the latest, most important and relevant global innovations, as discovered by our Springspotter network. Bringing audiences instantly up-to-speed with best practice and applicable innovations from all corners of the globe.

4. Newsletter Sponsorship

Want to speak to our global community of innovators and business leaders?

Our daily/weekly innovation newsletter is read by over 160,000 subscribers in 190 countries. We love to work with sponsors who share our vision to innovate and who wish to create fantastic campaigns to engage and motivate our mutual audience. We have significant brand, marketing and advertising experience and will work with you to tailor your campaign.

Want more information?

Email Rebecca Trenner, Head of Client Services, and she’ll get back to you right away.