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Sharing the spoils of shopping


Social shopping is a trend we’ve written about before, with sites like Stylehive, Crowdstorm and ThisNext giving users a way to make product recommendations and discuss things they’d like to have, sharing their desires and buying intentions. Now TeethYou gives shopping fans a place for showing off what they’ve actually purchased. Taiwan-based TeethYou, launched in July, aims to help shoppers around the globe share the details of what they’ve just bought. To list a purchase, users enter a short description of the item along with its price and any post-purchase thoughts about it; photos can be uploaded as well. Registering on TeethYou is free, and all entries are broadcast instantly on MSN. TeethYou also functions as a social network, allowing users to make friends and track their purchases. Wish lists can be created as well. TeethYou is clearly still in its very early days, with few users, language challenges and a website that’s still rough around the edges. But the concept is a good one: Sharing the details of actual purchases could appeal to shopping addicts and ‘casual voyeurs’ alike, tapping into a common interest in things like What’s in my bag photos on Flickr. Savvy marketers should be interested, too—what better way to get the pulse of your customers? Could be a good one to bring to a market near you…. Spotted by: Ozgur Alaz



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