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Shazam-style app shows who funded political TV ads

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The Super PAC app gives voters extra information about the advertisements appearing on television during the presidential elections.

We’ve already seen a combination of television broadcasting and app technology working to direct customers to extra content with the SonicNotify advertising platform. Now, the Super PAC app aims to give voters extra information about the advertisements appearing on television during the US presidential elections. Throughout September, US citizens are set to be bombarded with pleas from parties seeking their vote, particularly from the Democratic and Republican main contenders, who are heavily funded by groups known as super political action committees (PACs). Using Shazam-like technology, the app enables smartphone users to hold up their device to the television during the broadcast of a political ad in order to gain insight into who was behind its production. Super PAC recognizes the audio from the adverts and sends information its funding, as well as details about the veracity of the claims made in the commercial. They can then let others know if they loved or disliked the ad, or if they thought it was ‘fair’ or ‘fishy’, and see other viewers’ reactions. The video below shows the app in action: Currently available as a free download for the iPhone, the Super PAC app aims to bring an element of transparency to what is otherwise a period of political point-scoring and vote grabbing. Designed for use during the upcoming US presidential election, could this idea be implemented across advertising in general? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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