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Search for a book, get a virtual bookshelf of suggestions


We were impressed with BookRabbit a few years back by the way it incorporated a social element into book shopping. Now, ShelfLuv takes a different but no less intriguing approach by using instant search technology to present users with a virtual bookshelf of suggestions as they type. Users of Chicago-based ShelfLuv simply type in a favorite author or genre. As they do, a virtual bookshelf on the screen is populated and updated with suggestions based on what they’ve typed so far. Beautiful graphics make the shelf a pleasure to behold, and clicking on any individual book launches a dedicated window with options to see details, rate the book, discard it or buy it on Amazon. Perhaps best of all is the inclusion of both expected and unexpected books among those suggested, allowing users to explore and discover books they might not have found otherwise. Ultimately, ShelfLuv aims to become “an interactive way to share and explore books with friends, family and other readers who share your interests and taste,” the site explains. With affiliate fees presumably on the financial end, opportunities abound to improve product search on sites such as Amazon and beyond by tapping search innovations arising in other parts of the web. How could you help guide shoppers to the products they don’t yet know they want?



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