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Whiskey and espresso for shoppers at Sydney shirt store


If consumers can drink coffee or eat pizza while they shop for books, then why not let them sip whiskey or java while they contemplate a rack of shirts? That, indeed, is much the premise behind Shirt Bar, an Australian venture that offers an assortment of dark spirits and fresh espresso drinks for the pleasure of its visiting customers. Some 17 whiskeys are on hand at Sydney’s Shirt Bar — 12 single-malts among them — as well as an array of other spirits, including rums, wines, champagne and signature cocktails. Then, too, there’s the store’s FAT coffee line, provided by the Australian brand by the same name. All that on top of Shirt Bar’s selection of bespoke and designer shirts, which are oriented primarily toward men. Shirt Bar has created an experience with the potential to recapture the imagination of shoppers. With retailers around the world striving for ways to keep consumers offline, we think that a healthy dose of innovation is the best way forward! Spotted by: Adam Hofbauer



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