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Shoe company rewards runners with gourmet food

Sport & Fitness

#EatYourRun was part of a shoe marketing campaign, where runners could earn more free gourmet cuisine with each kilometer they ran.

For some, running is a pleasure in itself, but most people need something extra in the way of encouragement. We have seen lots of businesses incentivize customers to exercise by offering rewards such as discounts on classes, and now sneaker brand Kalenji is doing the same. To promote its new Eliorun shoe, Kalenji teamed up with creative agency Rosapark to reframe running as an activity that leads to pleasure instead of pain. As part of their #EatYourRun campaign, runners could trade the kilometres they ran for free gourmet cuisine.


Kalenji provided participants with a pair of the Eliorun shoe, and invited them to a dinner a fortnight later at Parisian restaurant 6 Paul Bert. Runners monitored how far they ran in the lead up to the dinner, and once at the restaurant, participants could cash in their kilometers in exchange for various courses — the more they ran, the more food they had to choose from. While #EatYourRun was a publicity campaign, the marriage of exercise and rewards is ongoing. How else can rewards incentivize positive behavior?



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