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Shoe-swap community helps users trade new and used pairs


Skwag is a shoe-swapping community which lets users show off their collection online and find like-minded locals to swap footwear with.

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The shoe lovers of the world often have lots of under-worn and inappropriate footwear in their collection. A new app called Skwag promises to help users get rid of their unwanted pairs, and replace them with new ones. Skwag is a shoe-swapping community which enables users to show off their shoe collection online and find like-minded locals to swap footwear with.


Collectors begin by downloading the app and registering via Facebook. They make a profile page and gallery which they fill with images and descriptions of their shoes, both worn and new. They can then browse the collections of other users — giving a thumbs up to shoes that they are interested in. The owner will then receive an automatic notification and, if they see something they like, the users are matched and can discuss their potential trade. Skwag offers localized searches, enabling users to find potential exchanges in their local area.

Could other used luxury fashion products be exchanged in this way?



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