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A recent marketing campaign by IceMedia Shoot & Share for ABN Amro‘s student banking division in The Netherlands included parking a big green couch in 20 student cities during freshman introduction week. Students’ pictures were taken and posted to a “Pimp my Room” web site (the event was tied to a co-production with MTV). Now, taking photos at events and sharing them on a branded website is nothing new, but there was an extra hook: the pictures were printed as actual postcards, and students were invited to pick up their free pack of personal postcards at a local ABN Amro branch. IceMedia Shoot & Share’s other clients include Daimler Chrysler, Unilever, and the Royal Netherlands Football Association. Combining events with online and offline picture sharing is a sure way to create a highly targeted, lasting impression: a little free love can go a long way! Food for thought for postal services, marketing agencies, printing companies, the Flickrs and Kodaks of this world, as well as for aspiring IceMedia distributors/franchisees.


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