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Shopping channel app is QVC for millennials


MikMak is a shopping app for millennials, which showcases products in 30 second infomercial-style video clips.

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With many online publications funded by invasive adverts, it can feel like internet users are being sold something every other minute. Creating a more active, participatory shopping experience is a new app called MikMak. The app embraces the age of mobile advertising by giving the home shopping network a 21st century smartphone makeover. MikMak is a mobile video shopping channel aimed at millennials, that creates infomercials for each product it promotes.

To begin, users download the free app and create an account. Then, they can browse by product type, and watch a ‘minimercial’ for each item they like. There are a range of accessories, gadgets, home goods and more — all for under USD 100 — and new videos are uploaded nightly. All the goods promoted can be bought within the app.

MikMak is currently in Beta and the company behind it — founded by Rachel Tipograph — is creating a range of videos for each product in varying styles. Items are often presented by comedians from the stand-up circuit, with tones ranging from sincere and serious to comical and gimmicky — in order to ascertain which sits best with their audience. Each clip is thirty seconds long and the team can produce up to 25 in one day on a very small budget.

Is there potential for more mobile shopping channels for other audiences?



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