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This simple tool repairs flat bike tires in 60 seconds

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patchnride is a portable device that permanently fixes any puncture with one easy maneuver.

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Punctures are the bane of cyclists’ existence, not least because they seem to happen at the most inopportune moments and require getting your hands dirty to fix. While New York’s Bikestock equipment vending machines have aimed to make available 24 hours a day the tools riders need to fix their bikes, a new device called patchnride is a portable device that permanently fixes any puncture with one easy maneuver.

The typical way to fix a puncture is to take the wheel off the bike, remove the tire and use patching kits that are fiddly, take time to set, and often don’t work if not applied correctly. Because of this, many cyclists simply use a new inner tube, sending their punctured one to landfill. patchnride is a single device that makes fixing a puncture easier.

The tool has a nib on the end and inside is a single-use cartridge that contains the patching material. When riders get a flat, they rub patchnride leak detecting solution on their tire, which will bubble at the location of the puncture. After finding the hole, they simply pinch the tire, insert the nib and pull back the slider on the side. A rubber stem from the patch sticking out of the hole indicates that the patching was succesful. The method takes around 60 seconds to complete before riders can simply pump up their tires and get back on the saddle.

Watch the video below to learn more about patchnride:

patchnride is available to pre-order for USD 25, with USD 5 shipping. Are there other ways to make bike repair and maintenance quicker, easier and cleaner?



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