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Simplicity & selling wine


While wine continues to gain in popularity, many consumers have trouble picking a bottle they’ll like. Especially in wine stores that seem to revel in complicating matters by pointing out tannins, mouthfeel, and appellations. Grapedistrict‘s founders decided to simplify things. Their sleek, modern Amsterdam shop has done away with the wood-paneled, oak-barreled atmosphere that permeates most wine stores. And while others display their bottles by region or type, Grapedistrict categorizes wines by flavour, arranged in colour-coded zones. Categories range from pale-yellow Easy for light, white wines to purple Deep for full reds. Focusing on the experience consumers would like to have, each category also corresponds to certain ‘moments’. Summer picnic in the park? Easy or Rosy. Roast lamb for dinner? Smooth. Even if you’re not in the business of selling wine, there’s profit to made by bringing a fresh, well designed approach to retailing old world products. What’s your industry’s Grapedistrict?


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