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Singaporean email course helps subscribers to wake early and seize the day

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Lifestyle website Little Green Dot offers regular emails designed to get participants energized and healthy.

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Between managing high-pressure jobs and wading through streams of digital content, it can often seem like there is limited time for the things that really matter. The popularity of sleep pods such as Podtime speak to the fact that many are seeking some respite from the fast-paced world we live in, while devices such as the Hush ear plugs demonstrate the premium we place on sleep. Now an email course, delivered by lifestyle website Little Green Dot, promises to help participants wake up earlier in order to make more of their day and reduce their stress levels.

The website’s founder, Militzia Maury, runs workshops on how to live a green and healthy life. She discovered that one of the main barriers to productivity among her students was a perceived lack of time. According to Maury, one of the best ways to combat that problem is by taking advantage of the early hours in the day: “people who start the day with a focus on self-care, who practice meditation or mindfulness and strategize their day – before attending to work and demands – not only have success in what they do, but also a sense of happiness and fulfilment.”

In order to help her students reach that sense of fulfilment Maury decided to “kickstart the year by sharing my best tips and strategies – simple routines that help me feel refreshed, focused and productive so that I can create time for the things that matter.” As well as her own advice Maury will be including the insights of various experts, from a sleep expert to a Pilates instructor, throughout the 28 day course.

The course is designed to encourage better living across the board, with cookery and exercise tips alongside advice on restorative sleeping. But it’s focus is on embracing the morning. By doing so Maury believes that people can energize, and take control of the day ahead, becoming more productive and positive as a result. As she says, “you no longer chase your day – you create your day.”

With more and more people complaining about the burdens on their time, could a straightforward solution like this be the way forward?



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