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Zen Eating sipping device

Sipping device encourages better eating habits


A sipping device helps users to train their tongues to swallow less and to discourage overeating and improve sleep.

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Diets can be tricky. A gastric balloon, surgery-free, could be one solution to eating less. A smart mirror could also help users track body changes over time. Now, Zen Eating is the latest piece of tech we’ve seen to help users overcome the challenges of overeating.

The straw-like invention is used to train the palate in a way that discourages overeating. According to Zen Eating, overeating is often caused when people eat too quickly for the brain to realise the stomach is full. To begin, users sip water through the device for 5 seconds before eating. The design requires the users to push back against the straw with their tongue before sipping, causing the tongue to contract, reducing the space in the mouth. This training leads to smaller amounts of food being swallowed per bite. This causes users to eat more slowly, therefore reducing the amount of food eaten per meal.

In addition, Zen Eating claim users will also enjoy their food more as it will lead to a more sensory eating experience. This is because when swallowing large amounts, people also use their cheeks to create a vacuum that causes food to be pulled towards the throat before it has spent time on the taste buds.

The Zen Eating device also claims to prevent sleep apnoea. The training helps the tongue not to fall down the throat during sleep. The Zen Eating sipper is available now online.



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