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Sipping flavour into milk | Update


Last year we wrote about Sipahh, an Australian innovation that turns plain milk into flavoured milk by way of a straw filled with naturally flavoured beads. The straws come in flavours like strawberry, caramel and banana, and are mainly targeted at children. Since they contain fewer calories than ready-made flavoured milk, they’re pitched as a healthy way to get children to drink more milk. At the time, we suggested: “And how about adult versions, like coffee-flavoured straws for a homemade iced-latte?” Our speculative suggestion became reality with parent company Unistraw’s recent launch of a new brand: Mai’a Iced Coffee Straws. Mai’a straws are available in four ‘rich and tempting’ flavours: Mocha, Latte, Espresso and Cappuccino, made with real coffee. Like Sipahh straws, they’re low in sugar—just 15 calories per straw—and can be used with any type of milk, including soy, rice and goat. Unistraw anticipates Sipahh milk flavouring straws will be available in 85 countries later this year, and they’re hoping Maia coffee straws will follow this same path. They’re still seeking partners in numerous territories around the world. If you hurry up, you might still be able to arrange local distribution in time for the Northern Hemisphere’s summer of 2007. Iced coffee straws for cool profits. 😉



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