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Siri for education is a personal AI tutor

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A new AI algorithm platform provides an adaptive tutoring experience through dialogue-driven learning

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Algorithms are not just for harvesting social media profiles. We’ve seen many examples recently of machine learning platforms providing services for diverse industries such as medicine and policing. Now, aiLearn is putting its own AI algorithm to the test with an educational platform.

Generalized education systems don’t always cater to every child. Some need additional support or to be taught at a slower or faster pace. Parents can pay for extra tutoring but that can be an expensive option not all parents can afford. To address these issues, aiLearn has developed Robot Ani. This platform will use Siri-style functionality to create a dynamic back-and-forth learning experience for users. The platform relies on machine learning that will respond to unique user levels. As a result, the more a user works with Robot Ani, the more tailored the education becomes.

By constantly monitoring student progress and saving the data acquired each session, Robot Ani offers an alternative to test-based education. The platform ‘knows’ a student’s capability and responds appropriately, helping them to reach a higher understanding in a way the user will respond to positively. Robot Ani also aims to create a more engaging education experience for students, taking a dialogue-driven approach that encourages users to ask questions to reach conclusions. Furthermore, the platform is teacherless and accessed through mobile devices. Therefore, it could benefit those in remote areas where teacher numbers or access to education is limited.

Aimed primarily at high school students to augment their high school education, Robot Ani will be available for several languages and education levels. Users can subscribe for access to a beta version of the software on the aiLearn website. While it might not yet be time to replace teachers with AI software, technology is having a big impact on personalized educational experiences, whether that’s using augmented reality toys or robots that teach toddlers to code. How else could technology impact education?




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