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Site enables consumers to talk back to commercials

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AdYapper aims to offer a way for viewers to broadcast their opinions of any ad on TV.

During the run up to the US presidential election, we saw the Super PAC app offer a way for voters to broadcast their opinions about the political party campaigns being aired on television. Now that presidential voting is over for the next four years, AdYapper aims to step up and provide a similar service for any commercial. The site posts videos of currently running campaigns and allows users to ‘love’, ‘hate’ or ‘meh’ each advertisement, as well as comment on it – known as a ‘yap’. Because television is a one-way medium of communication, feedback on commercials is often limited to focus groups before the ad is aired and sales afterwards. The aim of AdYapper is to enable advertisers to gain opinions on their commercials from the people they are targeting. The site enables brands to verify their accounts and join in the conversation, creating a more open platform for consumer-business discussion. AdYapper aims to empower consumers and let businesses find out what their audience thinks of their commercials to avoid wasting money on campaigns that don’t engage the public. Are there any other ways marketers could use the social web to gain greater insight? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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