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Personalized working electronics through Belgian site

Fashion & Beauty enables consumers to create and print their own circuit designs, as well as share ideas with the community.

While consumers may rely on electronics to go about their daily business, not many have a say in how they are created or what features are included. We’ve already seen Bug Labs attempt to give mobile phone users the chance to customize their handset, but now Belgium-based is enabling consumers to create and print their own circuit designs. The site features an online program which makes designing a circuit board easier than existing web tools, according to the startup. A search tool allows users to find preset components that can be dragged and dropped into place and connected together according to the design. Once the schematic is finished, users have the option to save it to their account and share it with others in the community, where they can get feedback and collaborate with others working on similar projects. In the near future, the site will enable orders of those designs, which will be printed and delivered to customers to use in their own devices. Although knowledge of electronics is required in order to create a working circuit board, offers those without the resources to print their designs on demand. The site also has the potential to create a large database of open source hardware, giving power to individual developers and perhaps breeding innovation in the industry.



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