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Site helps travelers find peer-to-peer alternatives

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Trablr aims to help users book entire trips using a peer-to-peer approach.

Regular Springwise readers are already well-acquainted with the peer-to-peer model through which consumers around the globe are sharing their cars, their homes, their tools and their mobile internet connections, to name just a few examples. Now focusing on travelers, Trablr aims to help users book entire trips using a peer-to-peer approach. Now gearing up for launch, California-based Trablr will give travelers a way to search multiple sharing-minded sites in order to plan and book all the components of their trip using peer-to-peer providers. So, once they’ve decided on their destination, travelers can use Trablr to arrange transportation via car share or ride share; find accommodations via apartment rental, for example; reserve a place to work through a desk share or office share arrangement; and then set up recreational activities such as scooter rental and social meals. The video below explains the premise in more detail: Trablr is now accepting emails for inclusion on its waiting list. It also invites any sharing sites that aren’t already included to get involved. Sharing-minded entrepreneurs: time to expand your reach to the traveling transumer masses? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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