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Site offers fliers a heads up on airline food

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InflightFeed is a customer review site for airline food, aiming to help fliers find a better culinary experience onboard.

We recently covered British Airways’ campaign to improve airline food which saw the company only using ingredients that taste good at 30,000 feet. Now our latest spotting, Inflightfeed, is also aiming to help fliers have a better culinary experience onboard by operating as a customer review site for airline food. Visitors to the site can browse the paid-for food options offered by over 80 airlines to help them make a decision about which company they might like to travel with. These include both the standard menu and economy class upgrades available. Fliers who have recently traveled with those airlines can also leave their comments on the menu, service received, value for money and taste – in order to help others with their future choices. They also have the option to upload a picture of the meal they had to give readers a greater indication of what the food was like. While customer review sites such as TripAdvisor have become a staple for the travel industry, this is the first that caters solely for judging the quality of airline food. Are there other aspects of travel entrepreneurs could explore that are being left out?



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