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Site offers video chats with celebrities

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GreenRoom enables users to connect with public figures and industry experts face-to-face over the web.

While Egraphs is helping sports fans to connect with their favorite stars in the online sphere – offering both digital autographs and a personalized audio message, our latest spotting GreenRoom is going one step further, by offering facetime with celebrities using video chat technology. GreenRoom has collected a roster of stars and experts for users to interact with – from Jackie Collins and Tom Hanks to health and interior design professionals. Those wanting to arrange a video link with their chosen celebrity simply register their interest and the time they would like to chat. After checking out – prices range from around USD 100 to USD 300 for 15 minutes – users are notified if the celebrity has agreed to the conversation or declined. If successful, customers are connected to their chosen figure via webcam. Chats can be either public or private, as determined by the celebrity or expert. Alternatively, customers can choose to receive a phonecall or have a message recorded for them. GreenRoom offers a unique way for people to gain rare one-on-one access to their idols or experts in their chosen line of enquiry. How else can the social web connect users with people they otherwise may never have encountered?



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