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Site recommends personalized deals based on user interaction


Dibsie is a virtual “evolving shopping catalog” that recommends more personalized deals the more users interact with the site.

Websites that collate and present consumers with deals tailored to their specific likes and interests have appeared recently on Springwise in the form of ThinkNear and KoalaDeal. Now Dibsie — also based in the US — is next to display targeted offers, but claims to be an “evolving shopping catalog” where users are presented with more relevant discounted products the more they interact with the site. Users of the site can create an account for free, browse discounted items — currently “fashion” and “living space” categories are available — and can search by local, trending, new or last chance deals. Goods can be purchased via the site, and selecting the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons enables Dibsie to make better personalized recommendations. Rewards points can be earned by sharing finds, inviting friends and voting on deals, which can then be used as credit on select retailers. Businesses also create their own account and add deals to the site using the self-serve dashboard, which are then posted and emailed to users based on their personal preferences and interactions with Dibsie. Analysis is available so businesses can track products on offer and adapt accordingly. While in beta, it’s free for companies to add up to 100 credits of deals, after which Dibsie will charge on a per deal basis or for an unlimited membership. With its promise to present products to those most likely to be interested, Dibsie may be a useful additional channel to reach potential and loyal customers with compelling discounts. One to get involved in? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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