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Skateboards with a green and local edge

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Eco-friendlier skateboards from San Francisco: a fun reminder that most brands will soon have at least one green twin. Comet Skateboards uses poplar and hickory from sustainable forests for a board’s core, topped with bamboo or maple veneer and coated with water-based paints. They’re also working with manufacturers and universities worldwide to help develop ‘green’ epoxies, reinforcements and coatings. The boards are designed and manufactured in the world’s only solar-powered skateboard factory, which is located in downtown San Francisco. The company is committed to manufacturing locally (still made here!) and sources supplies locally whenever possible. Of course, a green aura isn’t enough to sway buyers from other brands, which is why Comet also builds boards that are stronger and lighter than most. One to be inspired by if you’re in leisure or lifestyle—how about starting a solar-powered gym, or a sporting goods store dedicated to eco-friendly equipment? If you’ve spotted other green sports gear or services, please share them by leaving a comment below. Spotted by: Franziska Luh



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