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Slack for healthcare professionals

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Carecode is a digital communication system for medical practitioners and patients, complete with virtual waiting rooms.

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In the medical profession, there is an abundance of vital information that needs to be transferred between patients and different personnel. We have seen lots of examples of systems that are helping to digitize and streamline this process, such as a tool for automated appointments and a digital check-in system. Now, Carecode is a Slack for healthcare providers — the all-encompassing communication system enables virtual waiting rooms, remote group messaging, real-time video and more.


To begin, healthcare facilities set up an encrypted environment that all employees can access. Then, communication groups are set up between different parties including individual patients and their team, or nurses and doctors who need to share information or documents about specific cases. Carecode can then be used to facilitate remote consultations for patients in care homes or those needing chronic care, or enable specialists to provide expertise to generalists.

Could any other industries make use of a Slack-style platform?



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