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'Sleepbox' helps travelers catch 40 winks

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The Sleepbox is a small, self-contained cabin designed to give users a quiet place to get some rest.

We’re seeing more and more offerings designed to let the weary recharge in public spaces, a service particularly appreciated by those craving a rest while traveling through international airports. Much the way Nemorelax pods let travelers catch a few winks between flights, so the Russian-made Sleepbox offers something similar. Targeted at airports and railroad stations as well as hostels and even offices, the Sleepbox is a small, self-contained cabin designed to give users a quiet place to get some rest. Each ventilated unit reportedly measures 1.4 meters wide by two meters long and 2.3 meters high, housing a bed crafted from polymer foam and pulp tissue which changes its linens automatically. Luggage space, WiFi, electrical outlets and an LCD TV are also included. The creation of Moscow-based OOO Sleepbox, the units offer airports, airlines and hotels a way to earn extra revenue, whether as a standard part of the airport or as a brand butler offering in a frequent flyer lounge, for example. Suggested rental rates are USD 15 per hour or USD 50 per night. Single, double and triple Sleepbox units are available at prices starting at EUR 7,000. With an average annual income of USD 30,000 per unit, investments pay back in six to nine months, the company says. Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport already features a Sleepbox, and the first hostel equipped solely with the units will open in Moscow next year. Meanwhile, OOO Sleepbox welcomes inquiries from potential territory-exclusive operators and distributors. Time to help bring some extra rest to a sleep-deprived world?



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