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Smart bag can stop shopaholics from overspending

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iBag automatically locks owners out if it detects they're about to splash the cash.

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Sometimes, humans just can’t control themselves and end up doing things they know they’ll regret later. Ideas such as the Kitchen Safe have previously helped homeowners hide snacks from themselves, and now iBag is a handbag that automatically locks owners out if it detects they’re about to splash the cash.

Developed by Australian credit card comparison website, the bag has been designed for those who can’t keep up with their monthly bills due to living beyond their budget. It features an RFID module connected to an Arduino chip that detects the times and locations users take their wallet out. By working out the times they’re most vulnerable to shopping sprees, the bag automatically locks at particular times of the day, week or month. If the owner tries to visit their favorite shops when the bag is unlocked, LEDs inside the bag flash to warn them that they’re near their ‘spending dangerzone’. When this happens, an SMS is also automatically sent to a friend or partner to further deter reckless purchases. The video below explains more about how the iBag works:

Ironically, the iBag itself actually costs AUD 199 to pre-order, and requires a USD 3 monthly subscription to register it on the Finder database. Are there other areas of life that could do with some tech to automatically help consumers make the right decision when their willpower isn’t enough?



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