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"Smart bed" makes itself in 50 seconds

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A new “smart bed” from Spanish firm OHEA has the ability to automatically make itself when the sleeper gets up.

Making the bed is one of those daily chores that can often feel like drudgery. Enter OHEA, a new “smart bed” from a Spanish firm by the same name that automatically makes itself. The world has already seen a like-minded innovation in the form of Selfy the EasyBed, of course — a bulkier version of this concept that was demonstrated at the International Exhibition of Inventions back in 2008. OHEA, however, seems to have made a smoother device that could prove viable for consumer use. The bed’s self-straightening mode can be activated manually or set to begin automatically three seconds after the sleeper gets out of the bed. Either way, the duvet, pillowcase and pillows are straightened mechanically, while the bottom sheet is kept in place through a Velcro attachment to the mattress cover. Specialty bedding is required, and for safety, the device won’t function if someone is still in the bed or if pressure is applied. Otherwise, the bed makes itself up in 50 seconds. The video below demonstrates OHEA in action: The OHEA smart bed will be available in five sizes starting next month, according to an Iconoculture report; pricing has yet to be announced. Bedding retailers around the globe: one to get involved in? Spotted by: Zachary Love
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