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Smart bin takes the stress out of recycling

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Uzer’s Eugene is a smart recycling and trash bin that scans items to let users know which ones can be recycled and tracks consumption via an app.

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Sorting trash from recycling just got a lot simpler with France’s Eugène. Made by Uzer, Eugène is a smart recycling and trash bin that tells users which items can be recycled and which ones cannot. Its two compartments make sorting easy, and the scanner removes all the hassle of guesswork.

Designed to help encourage residents in France to recycle more, the smart bin connects to an app that tracks consumption. Users can share their data with family and friends to compare recycling rates. And by listing each product that was scanned, the app helps users compile grocery lists for quick online ordering.

A lot of recycling work focuses on reusing waste products, like these fire logs made from coffee grounds and this DIY air conditioning unit made from old plastic bottles. How else could the processes of consumer recycling be improved through connectivity?



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