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Smart bracelet tracks vitality, stress and emotions

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Planextra’s SenceBand measures heart rate, syncing data to each user’s personal hub, providing detailed insight into when and why each emotion was experienced.

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Using patent-pending technology to block out other bodily noise, the SenceBand tracks the electrocardiography (ECG) rhythms from the heart. Made by biotechnology company Planextra, the SenceBand’s different readings throughout the day correspond to different types of emotions. Users can choose how many emotions to track via the SenceHub and who to share their information with.

SenceBand ECG readings have been compared with hospital medical equipment readings and are just as accurate. Usable with both iOS and Android, the SenceBand battery lasts for over 48 hours and is chargeable via USB. Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, the Planextra team plans to start manufacturing in June 2017 with first deliveries from August 2017.

Technology is helping integrate mindfulness into everyday living. Emotionally responsive gaming teaches young people resilience, and a brainwave reading helmet creates bespoke symphonies. How else could other aspects of life incorporate a better awareness of emotional responses?



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